SFA Housing

What Do You Mean All-Bills-Paid?

We mean everything! Internet. Cable. Electricity. Water. Trash. Sewage. Perfect for budgeting students or busy parents, the all-in-one feature allows you to handle your months expenses in one check.

How do I know my utilities cap?

You can find your utilities cap under the Special Provisions and “What If” section of your lease, located on page one. There you will find your electricity and water cap as well as any other special provisions to your lease. Utility caps are different for every floor plan and occupancy. Please contact our leasing agents for an accurate utilities calling the office at 936-564-2562 or simply filling out the contact us form for more on SFA housing Nacogdoches apartments.

Can I request my utilities statement?

Of course! You can contact your manager directly or fill out this form.

What is the Overage Policy?

There is no need to worry about utility overages at our SFA housing Nacogdoches apartments. All utilities are set on a trial and error formula we have developed based on the average use and limits have been set comfortably higher. Caps have been set instead, to indicate us in the office that there is a problem with your apartment.

Russian River Overage Policy:

  1. The first month you have an overage charge, you will owe the the amount of the overage to your apartment manager, and we will notify you that we will be scheduling an inspection to test if repairs are needed on your utilities.
  2. After you have scheduled an inspection, our crew will come into your apartment and test all things electrical (such as outlets, washer and dryer hook ups, air conditioning, etc.) as well as all water related things (such as your washer/dryer, bath tub, sink etc.) to check if anything is in need of repair.
  3. If there is a problem, our speedy maintenance crew will fix it immediately.
  4. If we can not find there is an problem with your SFA housing Nacogdoches apartment, you will be issued Utilities Agreement (an offical warning) by the office which you must sign stating that you are knowledgeable of your overage charges and your apartment inspection.
  5. If overage charges persist, the delinquent amount will be added to your rent.

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